Sunday, September 21, 2008

Papabear exposes Spanish-ad lies.

Everyone's favorite commentator, traditionalist Papabear Bill O'Reilly (Thanks, Colbert), delivered a scathing critique of presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and John McCain's new Spanish-language commercials in his Talking Points Memo on Friday. In the ads, each presidential candidate wildly distorts the others positions on illegal immigration, continuing to pander to their bases with blatant mistruths.

Obama ">paints McCain as being allied with Rush Limbaugh (uhhh, bizarre) in disliking illegals. Limbaugh promptly responded to Obama's ad via Politico, crying racism and saying the Democrat took his quotes out of context. The bottom line here is McCain's campaign almost died over a year ago, amid his support of an amnesty-esque bill, co-sponsored by Ted Kennedy. McCain's long struggle with the GOP about illegal immigration is well-documented.

McCain, on the other hand, accuses Obama of helping to contribute to the failure of the comprehensive immigration reform last year that he co-sponsored. Once again, this simply isn't true. In fact, Obama voted to support the bill.

After these two commercials and a headache later, I cry 'no más, por favor.'

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M. Dery said...

Keith, you're supposed to be critiquing the newsmedia's coverage of events, issues, and individuals, not truth-squadding campaign ads or the politicians' claims. What did the media say about these claims and counterclaims?
BTW, link to Obama ad is broken.